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Palaronda Trek

the Trekking from hut to hut on the Pale di San Martino

Discover the Pale di San Martino

An experience you'll never forget, in the heart of Dolomites in Trentino.

What’s this about?

Palaronda Soft Trek is a Trekking on the Pale di San Martino, with an overnight accommodation in several Huts: an experience dedicated to those who would like to spend some days and live unforgettable moments in the heart of the italian Dolomites, in Trentino.

Is it within my reach?

This Trekking permits to walk across the entire area of the Pale di San Martino from North to South in a few days; the trip splits into daily sections, and they do not present any difficulties, or too long excursions: all the trails are equipped with cables and ferratas. The right experience for a middle-level hiker.

How is the journey time calculated?

The journey times are calculated on the indicative times of an average hiker: the distance of the trail can be covered unhurriedly, in order to enjoy the amazing scenario of our Dolomites during the route, and afterwards to relax and have a rest at the Hut.

Live the emotion of a dolomitic sunset on the Pale di San Martino, every morning in a different Hut. Try the amazing experience of living our Dolomites: best memories are made of unforgettable moments just like these!

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You booked the Trekking, checked the timetables, prepared your bag, but… Do you feel like something is missing in your backpack? Have a look at our check list to ensure you took everything you may need during these days!

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Have a look at the map of our Palaronda Trek and discover our two different routes: are you a Soft or a Hard hiker? Find it out now.

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The five Huts of the Pale di San Martino are dislocated on the entire Pala Group from North to South; they represent a fundamental benchmark for each hiker during the Palaronda Trek routes and beyond, for hikes and trips in this dolomitic area.

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