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Palaronda Hard Trek NORTH

A 4 days / 3 nights trekking in the northern area of the Pale di San Martino

This trekking is addressed to the lovers of via ferratas, experienced and trained people who are used to travel along paths, on climbing routes and on medium-level exposed routes. Unlike the Palaronda Hard Trek complete version, this route has been created in order to hike the most suggestive and exciting via ferratas of the northern area of Pale di San Martino group, staying overnight in two of the five Huts of the Pale.


San Martino di Castrozza – Rosetta Hut (SAT)

Height difference: uphill 1100 m / downhill 0 m

Average time of the trail:: 3,30 hours

Dinner and overnight stay: Rosetta Hut (SAT)

From San Martino di Castrozza, reach the beautiful Pale di San Martino Plateau using the Colverde – Rosetta funicular or alternatively take the footpath 701 which will lead you to the Rosetta Hut in 3 hours circa. Once you get to the Pale Plateau, follow the path to Rosetta Hut (SAT), the planned accommodation for the first overnight stay. For those who want to discover the surroundings, from the Hut it is possible to reach some of the near peaks (like Cima Corona, Cima delle Scarpe, Cima di Roda): ask the hut manager for some advice about the paths.


Bolver Lugli via ferrata and return to Rosetta Hut (SAT)

Height difference: uphill 1000 m / downhill 1000 m

Average time of the trail: 8 hours

Dinner and overnight stay: Rosetta Hut (SAT)

From the Rosetta Hut (SAT) walk down the footpath 701 towards San Martino and then stay on the right side following footpath 712 heading Rolle Pass, up to the start of the Bolver Lugli climbing route. Hiking the via ferrata in a little more than 2 hours you will reach the side of the Cimon dela Pala and the Fiamme Gialle bivouac, on a 3005 meters a.s.l. of altitude. From the bivouac, follow the footpath 716 which from the Travignolo Pass leads down to the Val dei Cantoni and then goes up to Bettega Pass; from here, complete the loop and get to the Rosetta Hut (SAT).


Rosetta Hut (SAT) – Mulaz Hut (CAI Venice)

Height difference: uphill 750 m / downhill 760 m

Average time of the trail: 4 / 5 hours

Dinner and overnight stay: Mulaz Hut (CAI Venice)

From Rosetta Hut, follow the footpath 703 (also known as “delle Farangole” footpath) to the “pian dei Cantoni” (2300 m above sea level); this path goes east the Cimon della Pala massif (3184 m) and the Vezzana peak (3192 m). Continue on some equipped route of the Val delle Galline, then crossing the right below Val delle Comelle. On the left, take the track which leads to the Brunner bivouac (2750 m) through the Val Strutt. From the bivouac, proceed toward Cima di Valgrande (3038 m), and walk surrounding the bottom of the Torcia di Valgrande; from here, we come up through an aided-canal which leads to the Passo delle Farangole (2814 m) which is dominated on the right by the peak of the campanile del Focobon (2969 m) and on the left by the Viennese Tower (2900 m). From the Passo, descend down a path on the right, toward the saddle of Forcella Margherita (2655 m); from here we will get in a short time to the Mulaz Hut (2571 m).


Mulaz Hut (CAI Venice) – San Martino di Castrozza

Height difference: uphill 200 m / downhill 1120 m

Average time of the trail: 4 / 5 hours, 7 hours in case of return following the Colbricon Lakes path

Overnight stay: not included, return to San Martino di Castrozza

From the Mulaz Refuge, get up to Passo del Mulaz (2610 m). Just before the Pass, with an easy ascent of about 45 minutes it’s possible to reach the top of the Mulaz peak (2906 m) a beautiful panoramic spot. Go down toward Val Venegia through the footpath 710 “Quinto Scalet” which is dominated by the peaks of the Campanile di Valgrande (2995 m), the Cima di Valgrande (3038 m) and cima dei Bureloni (3130 m), to arrive to the Campigol della Vezzana, just beneath the homonymous peak, and thus at the Travignolo springs. From here, go up to the chalet of Baita Segantini (2170 m) to reach the Passo Rolle using the shuttle bus service and then to San Martino di Castrozza by bus, using public transports. Alternatively it is possible to walk to Rolle Pass and then continue towards Colbricon lakes along the footpath 14-384, to reach San Martino di Castrozza descending the Val Bonetta via Malga Ces.

Full package €



▪          4 days half-board at the Pale di San Martino

▪          1 Colverde – Rosetta ticket pass

▪          1 present which will be consigned at the Hut at the end of each Trekking

▪          information material and map

For information and reservations:

Azienda per il Turismo San Martino di Castrozza

Phone: (+39) 0439 768867


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