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Palaronda Hard Trek SOUTH

A 4 days / 3 nights in the southern area of the Pale di San Martino

This trekking is addressed to the lovers of via ferratas, experienced and trained people who are used to travel along paths, on climbing routes and on medium-level exposed routes. Unlike the Palaronda Hard Trek complete version, this route has been created in order to hike the most suggestive and exciting via ferratas of the southern area of Pale di San Martino group, staying overnight in three of the five Huts of the Pale.

 DAY 1

San Martino di Castrozza – Pradidali Hut

Height difference: uphill 1003 m / downhill 165 m

Average time of the trail: 4 hours

Dinner and overnight stay: Pradidali Hut

In San Martino di Castrozza, leave the car at parking area of the Colverde – Rosetta funicular and take the footpath 702, which goes up towards the Pale di San Martino Plateau along the Val di Roda. After the first flat stretch of the forest road, the trail starts to trail up to the Col dei Bechi and later the Col dele Fède; from there, stay on the right side and follow the footpath 715 in the direction of Passo di Ball. Just before the Pass, a short stretch of the cable aided path makes the hiking experience a little more interesting, and offer later a spectacular view on Cima Canali. From the Passo di Ball, a 20 minutes descending walk will lead you to Pradidali Hut, to spend there the first night.


Pradidali Hut – Velo della Madonna Hut

Height difference: uphill 250 m / downhill 170 m (via ferrata del Porton)

Height difference: uphill 430 m / downhill  350 m (protected cable route Nico Gusela)

Average time of the trail: 3.30/4 hours (via ferrata del Porton), 5 hours (Nico Gusela cable aided path)

Dinner and overnight stay: Velo della Madonna Hut

From the Pradidali Hut, 2 different routes get to the Velo della Madonna Hut: the first one through the Porton and Velo via ferratas, tracks very exposed but also well equipped which get across steep cliffs and deep valleys (in about 4.30 hours). The second route follows the easy Nico Gusela cable-aided path with the possibility to reach the top of Cima Val di Roda and then the Velo della Madonna Hut through the medium-level Velo via ferrata (about 3.30 hours).


Velo della Madonna Hut – Canali “Treviso” Hut

Height difference: uphill 450 m / downhill  950 m

Average time of the trail: 6.30 hours (“del Cacciatore” trail), 7 hours (Dino Buzzati path)

Dinner and overnight stay: Canali “Treviso” Hut

From the Velo Hut, through the beautiful cable aided “del Cacciatore” path which runs on the bottom of the amazing face of the Sass Maor massif, goes through steep grassy slopes to the Val Pradidali. From here, follow the footpath across the wood to get to the Canali “Treviso” Hut (about 5 hours). Another option is to go down the Val Canali following the Dino Buzzati cable aided path (742 and later 747), extending the route of about two hours to get to the Canali “Treviso” Hut passing through the locality named “La Ritonda” following the footpath 707.


Canali “Treviso” Hut – San Martino di Castrozza

Height difference: uphill 1150 m / downhill 100 m

Average time of the trail: 7 hours

Dinner and overnight stay:not included, return to San Martino di Castrozza

From the Canali “Treviso” Hut walk along the path 707, to get to the Canali Pass to reach the eastern edge of the Plateau. Keep following the path 707 to get really close to the Fradusta glacier and to get to Cima Fradusta (2939 m s.l.m.) in about 90 minutes, and then to the Rosetta Hut (SAT) in 6 hours circa, continuing then for about 30 minutes toward the Colverde – Rosetta upline funicular station to comfortably descend to San Martino di Castrozza using the cable car.

Full package €



▪          3 days half-board at the Pale di San Martino

▪          1 Colverde – Rosetta funicular ticket pass

▪          1 present which will be consigned at the Hut at the end of each Trekking

▪          information material and map

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Azienda per il Turismo San Martino di Castrozza

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